“Hello my name is Sam Schooler, and I don’t know how old I am,” Sam admitted as he walked into Children’s Anonymous, a group which helps support adults who have not yet crossed the barrier from childhood to adulthood.

“I started going to this group a while back.” Sam told our reporter, “What I didn’t realize is that the group saw being a child as a flaw. I don’t see being a child as a flaw, I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity for me to do things adults my age would never think of doing.”

Sam went to the group only 3 or 4 times before he had enough, and “just kinda stopped going, and started watching clouds and stuff.” We were not satisfied. In this unique situation, we wanted to know more. We asked him about his experience once he accepted the fact he will be a child for the foreseeable future. “I think I will try to get more people to be children. That seems fun. A sort of group that supports older children.”

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