Should I even start writing these poems?
What are they for?
What do they mean?
Maybe I’ll rap or tell them to Gean.

Gean is my friend,
she is a gnome,
she lives in my garden,
in back,
at home.

Gean’s job is simple,
She does it with ease.
She takes care of the carrots,
the squash,
the peas.

For this I give,
her a house to stay,
in my beautiful garden,
hidden away,
near the fence,
up the hill,
by the tree with the swing;
Gean plays,
violin with one lost string.

I digress from the title, to talk about Gean,
but maybe I’ll finish in a poem unseen.

A Letter to the Person I Met at That Thing Last Weekend

Dear Someone,

Sometimes in life we go to special events, or travel to far off places where we meet people who are friendly people, but are not good for much else. We have never met them before, and probably will never again. They are awesome don’t get me wrong, but the fact that they live half way across the country is kind of a hindrance to any sort of on going connection.

This happens more often then we like. In a perfect world, everyone I meet who is worth giving the time of day, would be right down the block. Able to just grab a cup of coffee every once in a while, and keep a connection, but in our world, people live around the globe, and most everyone on it is worth looking at your watch for.

In our world, when you stop talking to someone, the relationship decays. You lose touch, and some relationships are not easy to keep up. Traveling from LA to New York enough to keep up a friendship; good friendship is HARD, not to mention Expensive. This is why our friendship won’t work out. But if we did live close, if it was easy to see each other in person every so often, we could be the best of friends.

And so I sit here writing a letter to my would be best friend, or someone who, if I lived close to, might just have saved my life one day. I am writing to them to say thank you for our would be friendship, and your would be ability to have a greater effect on my life. And for the short period of time I did actually get to converse with you. I would like to express my gratitude that, if we live closer together, we would probably go exploring together, maybe go on a road trip.

I am taking the time to write this, because I would just like to say that we may have been the greatest of friends, however, because of the randomness of the Universe, our paths do not stay together that long, they only cross for that moment in time, and probably will never cross again.

And for that brief moment in time, our life was a shared experience. For this, I would like to thank you. And respectfully, I would like to say farewell. Farewell to our possible shared life, and good luck with your future, where ever that may lead.

Forever Distant,

Sam Schooler

Hi I’m Sam.

Sam I am.

I don’t like spam.

I try to write,
regarding the things,
along the way.

If I don’t,
I usually tweet,
babbling on,
about things near.

In time I will get a job,
however today,
I want to play,
I want to see what I can accomplish.

Throw off the bowlines,
set sail,
for a world unknown.

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