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Auto Memory Monitor for Geektool

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    Sam Schooler

GeekTool is an awesome tool I use on my desktop every day. It lets you make amazing interactive desktops from the weather to your CPU usage, a geek is at home. This tool is great, but when it comes to memory usage; it sucks. This is why I made a quick geeklet (an interactive piece for GeekTool).

It surprised me that no one has made something similar. What this does is it checks the memory usage of GeekTool, and if it is above a certain threshold, it restarts the app with a slight flicker, but nothing more noticeable.

To make this work

  1. Download this script (Will Download)
  2. Change the threshold to what you like
  3. Move the file to where you like
  4. Download this geeklet (Will Download)
  5. Edit the geeklet command to point to your script you downloaded
  6. Upvote my post on macosxtips here